Your Response?

Does this project or a part of it resonate with you? I would love to hear from you. Selected comments may appear on the Responses page. If you want any part of your comment kept private, please tell me, otherwise I will assume that I have your full permission to place excerpts on the Responses page. Or you may request that your comment is included anonymously. I hope not; I hope you will participate openly. It doesn't need to be “deep.” This is all about enjoying and experiencing. Still, the Responses page is an experiment which might stay, disappear, or be replaced.

You may also use this form to contact me with any inquiries or suggestions.

Notice a typo? A rule in my process for this project is that I never edit my thoughts or words. See why on my About page. Hint: I cannot alter my first experience of the artwork, for then it would no longer be my first experience.

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